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Head of Procurement Department
Graduated Economist Ilcho Koteski
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Announcement: 20713/2021; Subject: Apparatus for EMG and EP

Announcement: 20151/2021; Subject: Therapeutic plasmapheresis kits

Advertisement: 20579/2021; Item: DVD R with paper packaging

Advertisement: 19512/2021; Subject: Hygiene products; Part 2: Chemical cleaners

Announcement: 20144/2021; Subject: Laser printers

Advertisement: 18450/2021; Subject: Ongoing maintenance of facilities

Announcement :: 18431/2021; Subject: Software maintenance

Advertisement: 18312/2021; Subject: Measurement of radioactivity

09-2021- Public Procurement Plan

Advertisement: 18440/2021; Subject: Drug-Botulinum toxin

Advertisement: 16248/2021; Subject: Reagents and laboratory consumables, Part-3 , Part 4

Advertisement: 16248/2021; Subject Reagents and laboratory consumables , Part-1 , Part-2

Announcement 152352021-Subject: Drug-Enoxaparin

Announcement 162282021-Subject Insurance of general and professional responsibility of doctors

Subject Biologically active therapy, molecular target therapy and monoclonal antibodies for the needs of PHI in RSM

Advertisement 155482021-Subject Property and equipment insurance

Announcement 11344-2021

Announcement 10953

Announcement 11046-2021

Announcement 18480-2020

Announcement 06973-2021

Announcement 06883-2021

Announcement 03210-2021

Announcement 04310-2021

Announcement 04222-2021

Announcement 01428-2021

Announcement 19337-2020

Compact DVD-R compact disc with paper packaging

Measurement of radioactivity of personal dosimeters of persons working with ionizing radiation sources

Biologically active therapy


Computers and computer equipment


Systematic examinations